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Module 1 – Vector Characters

320 Professionally Vector Characters (SVG and PNG Format)

Module 2 – Animated Characters

110 Professionally Animated Characters (MOV, SWF, GIF & PNG Format)
(Click image below to preview)

Module 3 – Animated Icons

98 Animated Icons (MOV, SWF, GIF & PNG Format)
(Click image below to preview)

Module 4 – Vector Icons

300 Professionally Vector Icons (SVG and PNG Format)

Module 5 – Vector Elements

300 Professionally Vector Elements (SVG and PNG Format)

Module 6 – Transitions

25 Full HD 1920×1080 Transitions (GIF and MOV Alpha Channel Format)

Module 7 – Motion Shapes

40 Full HD 1920×1080 Motion Shapes (GIF and MOV Alpha Channel Format)

Module 8 – Animated Background

20 Animated Background (MOV, SWF, GIF & PNG Format)
(Click image below to preview)

Module 9 – Audio Music Tracks

300 Royalty Free Music (MP3 Format)

Free Developers/Commercial License Included

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Wizard Video Kit Developer Rights

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